Whatever Pong League Rules

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of Andy Andress (Owner), Taft McWhorter (Commissioner), Chuck Pounds (Sheriff), Ralph Eurest (Schedule), Matt Wood (League Pro, Treasurer and Antagonizer), Josh Green (Website) and Adam Sheshtawy (Website and Statistician).

Fees and Distribution of Fees

The cost per season to join Season VII is $40 per person. Fees are due by Week 5. Team Captains are responsible for collecting fees. Fees will go towards supplies (i.e. balls, nets, etc). Remaining pot will go towards prize money.

Bracket and Schedule

The schedule will be posted on www.whateverpong.com shortly after teams are drafted.


Only subs from the "Approved Sub List" are allowed to sub at league. Each sub must play within their rank or above. For example, a C player sub can only play for an A, B or C player.

League Scoring

Teams will compile points as follows:
1.5 point for a singles win
2 points for a doubles win
Winning player must report wins to Statistician in order to receive credit for points

Basic Rules about Play


This is a bar league. There will be no fighting aloud. If a team member starts a fight, they will be kicked out of the league for the remainder of the season.


There is a long list of official Ping Pong rules. This is NOT that list.
Our priority is to enjoy the game.


Players are not allowed to hit the ball right out of their hand when serving. Players must toss the ball upwards in order to achieve a legal serve. If a player hits the ball when serving and it does not hit the table at all, that player/team loses the point.


Players must use a regulation size paddle.


The WPL will use 3 Star balls.


Games are played to 21, winning by at least two points.
Players will P.I.N.G. for first serve.
Players will serve 5 points at a time.
Players get one serve per point (unless it is a "let").
Players can serve anywhere on the table in Singles Play.
If a serve hits the net and still falls into the designated serve area, it is called a "let" and the server gets to serve again. The player only gets two lets per serve. If the player hits a "let" on the third attempt, the player will lose the point.
It is the receiving player's responsibility to call a "let". This call is not disputable by the server. The point will be played over.
When a game goes to "point", the player who has "point" will receive serve until "add" goes to the other player.
When the game goes to "deuce", the player who served last will serve again. Same as above, the player who gets "add" will always receive serve.
Players will only get two "faults" when serving against "add". The third fault will be loss of the point.


Doubles rules are the same as Singles, but with the following additions.
Players must alternate shots.
Each player picks a side and must serve from that side the entire game.
The serve must go into the diagonally opposite box.


All disputes during and after games will be handled by a board member. If your dispute is with a board member, you're probably going to lose the dispute.